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Metal Associates can fulfill its customer’s aluminum needs from aluminum sheets and plates to custom aluminum forms. As a top aluminum distributor and supplier, we can supply many different aluminum shapes that are used in the construction of a wide variety of machinery, buildings, transportation vehicles and consumer products, including aluminum coils, aluminum strip, aluminum tubing, aluminum plates, aluminum bars and aluminum sheet. Metal Associates also manufactures different aluminum products, such as aluminum pipes, aluminum wire and aluminum rods, all of which are components in industrial and commercial goods.

Aluminum is a very common and desirable metal because of its light weight, resistance to corrosion and its ability to withstand very low temperatures where other metals become brittle, among others. Aluminum is refined from bauxite and is very soft and pliable in its pure form. When combined with copper, iron, zinc, silicon or magnesium, aluminum is very strong and durable. Like copper, aluminum is a good conductor of electricity and is also non-toxic and non-magnetic. Metal Associates offer several different grades of aluminum alloys, each with different properties, strengths and applications. These include 6061 aluminum, the most commonly used type, 7075 aluminum, which produces aircraft aluminum, and aluminum 1100, which is among the purest aluminum alloys.

Whatever the application, let Metal Associates be your next aluminum suppliers.
Aluminum Coils

Available in Various Forms and Tempers:

  • Aluminum Rod
  • Aluminum Bars (Rectangular, Hexagon, and Square)
  • Aluminum Sheets and Aluminum Plates
  • Aluminum Coil
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Aluminum Round, Flat and Square Wire
  • Aluminum Tubes and Aluminum Pipes
Aluminum Custom Forms also available upon request
Aluminum is in fact the most widely used non-ferrous metal in the world. According to mining data, in a single year (2005) 31.9 million tons of aluminum is produced. The only metal output to exceed aluminum was iron.

To improve the material’s mechanical properties, aluminum is almost always alloyed. We provide alloyed aluminum here at Metal Associates, and this just means that the metal is mostly aluminum with a slight bit of some other metal added to the compound. For instance, our 1100 aluminum is considered “commercially pure” because it is made of a minimum of 99% aluminum. The remaining one percent or less could have traces of copper, iron, zinc, manganese and silicon. Other less pure forms would have a lower percentage of aluminum and a higher percentage of other metals. This balance makes each particular type of alloy well-suited to different applications. Some alloys are more conductive of electricity, with other are heavier/lighter, etc.

Superior Service

At Metal Associates, it’s our goal to provide all of our customers with a superior service experience from start to finish. We believe in building and maintain strong relationships with all of our clients so that we can expand our reach and continue to cultivate our industry-leading business.

We do whatever we can to respond to the need of our customers in a timely fashion. We’re happy to answer questions and be consulted whenever you need a metal solution for your business. We hope that your industry or business will make Metal Associates its trusted metal supplier. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you, or to request a quote.

Alloys Available:

  • 1100 Aluminum
  • 2024 Aluminum
  • 3003 Aluminum
  • 5052 Aluminum
  • 5086 Aluminum
  • 6061 Aluminum
  • 6063 Aluminum
  • 7075 Aluminum

Our Other Products

Metal Associates is a reliable distributor of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This supplier can provide metals in a variety of shapes including aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, Invar, Cupro-Nickel and more. Metal Associates is committed to providing their customers with outstanding metal products for their projects. These dependable items are long-lasting and this company works with you every step of the way to find you those “hard to find” alloys. There is no project too challenging for their highly trained staff. If you have any special requests then do not hesitate to let one of their representatives know.

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